Best Walking Trails near Birmingham


Walk for pleasure, walk for fitness or just to sort your thoughts, there are thousands of reasons to walk. Around Birmingham are many walking options, so if you’re looking for a calm serenaded evening or morning where you can enjoy a walk through the woods or sit near a pond, ...

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How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Your Feet

worn shoes

Walking can be an interesting undertaking especially when it’s done with the right shoes. Choosing the wrong shoes can cause discomforts and hinder your walk by causing blisters and injuries to the feet. To help you choose the right shoes for your individual feet, check out the following tips. 1. ...

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Choosing the Best Walking Shoes For Women


The human legs are sensitive parts of the body as they are vulnerable to both internal and external injuries. When injured, the legs can succumb to serious complications which might in turn affect the entire health adversely. Medical research suggests that: Women’s legs succumb to these complications easily. This research ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Walking

walking beginners guide

Walking is one of easiest and fuss-free exercises. It cheap (you don’t need any fancy equipment) and it is very easy to schedule. When done regularly, it helps you to burn fat and to lose weight. Walking helps you to get outdoors, see beautiful sceneries, and breathe fresh country air. ...

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