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A Beginner’s Guide to Walking

walking beginners guide
Walking is one of easiest and fuss-free exercises. It cheap (you don’t need any fancy equipment) and it is very easy to schedule. When done regularly, it helps you to burn fat and to lose weight. Walking helps you to get outdoors, see beautiful sceneries, and breathe fresh country air. All this helps triggering endorphine hormones in your brain that bring the good feeling of pleasure.

How to start walking

First of all start out slow, just walk for about 10 minutes each day. You can do this for a week, if you find it easy, add 10 minutes for the next week. Keep adding 10 minutes until you are walking the way you desire.

What to wear while walking

The most important thing is to check your footwear. Walking with uncomfortable footwear can ruin your day, so ensure that you wear comfortable shoes. You can buy a good pair of walking boots, athlete shoes or walking shoes. Walking boots offer the best ankle support, toe protection, enough water proofing, and heel molding while walking. They are also preferred while you are walking in a rugged terrain. However, boots need time to be worn to avoid blisters on your foot.

Also carry a waterproof jacket with a hood. It is very essential to have a good quality water proof coat while walking because of unpredictable weather changes especially in mountains areas. Wear thermal tops and a pair of synthetic walking trousers. Ensure your trousers are loose-fitting, can dry quickly, and have plenty of pockets. You can as well carry gloves to protect your hands from coldness. This helps you to walk in good posture where your hands can swing freely instead of putting them into your pockets. When selecting the type of clothing to carry remember the basic idea of layering. Multiple layers keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

walking stick

What to carry while walking

Pack enough food supplies and drinking water. Walking is physically demanding especially if you are hiking and carrying heavy bags. It is thus important to have enough food and water in your backpack. Also buy a good quality tent in which to spend the cold nights. You can carry a torch and some portable music player which includes all your favorite music to motivate you while walking.

You can also carry an identification card and some money in case of an emergency. Unless you are aware of the area you are walking, always carry the right map. Ensure your map is in a water proof case to keep it safe and dry. Carry a basic first aid kit just in case of any injuries.

Get prepared

Always before walking, regardless whether it is short or long distance, it is very important to ensure that everything you need is packed. Before you step out of the door, test power levels of the batteries, check the weather report and confirm whether you have all you need including the map. It is advisable to double check all the necessary equipment you need ist fully working and well packed rather than finding out when you have already left your house.