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Welcome to Birminghamartwalk.com – an outdoor blog with reports from hiking trips around Birmingham, GB. You’ll find many different gear reviews and photos from a passionate walking enthusiast.


This is the personal website from Maro Perez, proud englishman, father of three, loving husband. The writings on this blog are his personal opinions.

I have been exploring nature since the age of five, approximately 44 years prior and hiking (with camping) from the age of twelve.

I have explored and day strolled numerous parts of the UK and my longest trek being a two week tour in the Swiss alps in the mid 1990’s. When I initially began hiking at the youthful age of 12, the apparatus I utilized was altogether different with waterproofed cotton jackets and canvas knapsacks with calfskin shoulder straps.

Later proceeding onward to the “Cobmaster” style packs with a substantial aluminum outline outside of a nylon sack. Cotton tents, particularly from the army, were what we used back in the day. They were split between four individuals due to the heavy weight.

Nowadays, technology is much more advanced. Materials got lighter, more waterproof and way more durable. If you have questions about my trips or the gear I review – contact me.