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Choosing the Best Walking Shoes For Women

The human legs are sensitive parts of the body as they are vulnerable to both internal and external injuries. When injured, the legs can succumb to serious complications which might in turn affect the entire health adversely.

Medical research suggests that: Women’s legs succumb to these complications easily. This research was supported by statistical data which suggested that: Approximately 54.786% of the total number of women worldwide have leg complications. This is the main reason reason why medical experts advice every woman to wear a comfortable pair of fitting shoes.

Below are four simple, yet effective things that you should to know when choosing the best walking shoes for women.


Your shoes should always be fitting. This will only be possible if and only if you buy shoes a half size bigger than your normal shoe size. Very small shoes will cause blisters, black toe-nails or even swelling on your legs. On the other hand, very large shoes make walking difficult and thus very uncomfortable.

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This is the foot’s inner rolling part that starts from the heel to the toe when walking. Choosing the best shoes requires you to understand the level of your feet pronation. Basically, there are three types of pronation and these include: Neutral pronation, under-pronation and the over-pronation. Your pronation will greatly be determined by your walking style and the bone structure of your entire feet.

A neutral pronation enables you to wear any type of shoes because your feet tend to be flexible. If your feet have under-pronation, you ought to wear shoes that have a foot sole that is designed with great shock absorbers. On the other hand, if the pronation is not well taken care of, your feet are likely to experience severe pain.

Arch Type

Discovering your arch type aids you in choosing the correct walking footwear. To know your foot arch, place your wet foot-sole on a white sheet of paper and then sketch your foot on the paper. The three main types of foot arches are; high foot arch, normal foot arch and the flat foot arch.

If you have a high arched foot, a shoe with great sole shock absorbency is recommended for you. People with a normal arch foot type have neutral pronation and can therefore wear any type of shoes provided that the shoes are stable.


Basically, stability and flexibility with regard to footwear is very vital factor that ought to be put into consideration. This factor is determined by the type of your foot. A shoe that has a good level of support is recommended as it is stable for any foot type. Unstable shoes might lead to injuries on the feet, shins or even hips. Stable shoes will provide support and motion control.

In conclusion, whether you are walking for pleasure or walking for physical fitness, you need perfect pair of shoes that will offer comfort to your legs for a long period of time. If the afore-mentioned factors are followed to the latter, you will be assured of getting the best rated walking sneakers for women.

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