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Best Walking Trails near Birmingham


Walk for pleasure, walk for fitness or just to sort your thoughts, there are thousands of reasons to walk. Around Birmingham are many walking options, so if you’re looking for a calm serenaded evening or morning where you can enjoy a walk through the woods or sit near a pond, these few country parks are a must visit for you.

Adventure, leisure and natural beauty, you will find all of that. Some even offer you activities such as fishing, playing golf and bird watching. So checkout these amazing country parks near Birmingham.

Cannock chase

Cannock chase, with its beautiful landscape and collaboration of bike trails, woodland walks and campaigning hotspot is purely heaven for a long walk. There is everything for everyone whether you like sports, hike, woodland walks or horse riding; you can find it all over here. For long walks, you can try the chase heritage trail which links Birch Valley to Rugeley and Hednesfor.

But if you are wildlife lover you will find Fairoak trail more interesting, the trail walks you through the habitats of many animals and pools but if you prefer pure woodland and open land walks, the Sherbrook trails will definitely grab your attention and if while exploring this vast forest you want to relax and  do some fishing, Cannock chase features 4 mesmerising pools too. Truly Cannock chase does offer everything for everyone.

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Sutton Park

This 970 hectares park is the seventh largest urban park in Europe; Sutton Park offers seven lakes, private golf course, ancient woodlands, children’s park, donkey sanctuary and visitor’s centre. The vibrant atmosphere of the park is really refreshing; kite flying, bike riding, dog walking and many other leisure activities are carried out in the park.

The park even facilitates areas to fly model aeroplanes and helicopter, so even if you are a science guy and want to enjoy some time out of the lab, Sutton Park won’t disappoint you. Quarter of the park is covered with ancient woodland so if you want to have a peaceful and serenaded time this is the perfect place for you, since the park host a very rich wildlife you can also enjoy bird watching or can visit the sanctuary.

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Lickey Hills Country Park

Southwest of Birmingham, Lickey Hills Country Park cover over 212 hectares of landmass. The park hosts over 500000 visitors every year. Lickey Hills Country Park features many choices for walkers and families. A walk through mix tress of oak, sycamore, silver birch and aspen gives you a mystical feel.

Walk up to Lickey Warren and you can find different animals specially rabbits over there or wander in Bilberry Hill which hosts a fenced pond to have a little quiet and calm. On the other hand, some may find sport activities such as tennis, bowls, cycling and golf more interesting; it’s all available at Lickey Hills Country Park.


So, if you are searching for the best walking trails near Birmingham search no more. Just take a walk through Cannock Chase, Sutton Park or Lickey Hills and enjoy mesmerising beauty, amazing wildlife and much more.

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