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How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Your Feet

Walking can be an interesting undertaking especially when it’s done with the right shoes. Choosing the wrong shoes can cause discomforts and hinder your walk by causing blisters and injuries to the feet. To help you choose the right shoes for your individual feet, check out the following tips.

choosing the best walking shoes

1. Have an idea of the kind of shoes you need – the first step before any purchase is knowing what you need. Have ideas like, how long you intend to use the shoes and the distance you are likely to cover. This will help you know the quality you need based on durability of the shoes and to choose the right weight because longer distances may require you to choose lighter shoes which are less likely to tire you.

2. Make sure the shoes fit you – oversize shoes will cause distractions because you may need to adjust them frequently, while smaller shoes may end up causing blisters and injuries to your feet. Ensure that the shoe you buy fits you, is not too tight and leaves enough space for you to move your toes in it and the heel is held tightly but not so tight that it pinches you. To ensure this, it is advisable that you try to fit the shoes before buying them and try to move your feet in them to feel the comfort they provide.

3. Choose the right brand. Basically, no one would prefer high-heeled shoes for walking. Heels need to be low and most preferably flat. If the shoes must have heels (for cushioning or additional support), they should not be sharp or thick as that will cause slap down of your feet which may end up slowing you. The soles should be flexible enough that you can bend the shoes with ease. This eases the movement of the feet inside the shoes and reduces the chances of injuries. The shoes also need to be made in such a way that they provide the stability and support you need, that is, you can walk up and down without the shoes limiting you.

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4. Finally, it is advisable that you shop and purchase the shoes at the end of the day, because feet normally expand after some walking – this will help you in choosing the shoes that fit you. Also, if you intend to wear socks with the shoes, try the shoes with the socks you normally wear, to avoid buying shoes that will cause discomforts when worn with the socks.

In conclusion, if you consider all the above factors, be sure to get the best walking shoes for your individual needs.

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